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VGA Male to female Extension Cables

VGA Cables, Adaptors & Hardware
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1m Cable 5060611498387 2.65
2m Cable 5060611498394 2.65
3m Cable 5060611498400 4.29
5m Cable 5060611498417 4.99
10m Cable 5060611498431 8.39
15m Cable 5060611498448 12.69
20m Cable 5060611498455 16.99
25m Cable 5060611498462 17.99
30m Cable 5060611498479 21.49
Manufacturer: Andeecables - more
VGA Male to female Extension Cables

A VGA extension cable for extending existing VGA cables.

Our range of Super VGA cables are constructed using UL2919 approved 28 AWG triple mini coaxial and 4x 28 AWG conductor cables, this allows them to be used for extended distances.

Triple shielded with copper braid, foil and drain wire.

This range of cables have all pins connected and should work with widescreen monitors that require DDC cables.

The DDC link is carried on three pins 12, 15 and 10 (data, clock and ground) in a 15-pin VGA connector.
Product Features
SVGA Extension
All lines connected (DDC)
28AWG mini coaxial
Triple shielded - foil, drain and braid
from 1m up to 30m lengths
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1m Cable 50606114983872.622.602.572.522.462.41
2m Cable 50606114983942.622.602.572.522.462.41
3m Cable 50606114984004.
5m Cable 50606114984174.944.894.844.744.644.54
10m Cable 50606114984318.318.228.147.977.807.63
15m Cable 506061149844812.5612.4412.3112.0611.8011.55
20m Cable 506061149845516.8216.6516.4816.1415.8015.46
25m Cable 506061149846217.8117.6317.4517.0916.7316.37
30m Cable 506061149847921.2821.0620.8520.4219.9919.56
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